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Tapes are heatresistan
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Tapes are heatresistan

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Tapes are heatresistant

Conveyer belts represent devices which are used for movement of various materials, for example, sand, crushed stone, grain, other. Tapes conveyor have wide area of use. They are used for a passage of various grain, construction substances (cement, a brick), rocks, etc.

The structure of the conveyer belt represents several layers from fabric which are between two facings from rubber. Strong synthetic fibers are the cornerstone of tape structure. All conveyer belts, including products for simple conditions of use, are made and operated according to certain state standard specifications.

Distinguish several types of rezinotkanevy noriyny tapes. First of which - a tape of general purpose with the increased resistance to low temperatures. Is suitable for work at a temperature in the range of -45 °C - +60 °C. The second — a tape of general purpose which works in temperature conditions of -45 °C - +60 °C. There are still tapes intended for work under trying conditions which in a different way call mine. They are used in ore mining industry, on coal getting. Tapes which are used in the metallurgiyny, foundry industries call heatresistant. It products 2T1, 2T2, 2T3. They are made to order. Main producer Kursk plant.

Rezinotkanevy transport tapes incorporate layers from pro-masonry substance which connect layers from rubber.

Conveyor tapes in Ukraine

Conveyer belts are made with standard parameters: the cross size 100 - 3500 mm, longitudinal size is up to 100 meters, thickness — 3-18 mm. Such tapes have symbols on similarity: 2M-12000-4-TK-200-5-2-M-RB of GOST 20-85. The similar name so is deciphered: is 2M a type of a tape; 1200 - width in millimeters; 4 - number of layers of pro-masonry material; Shopping mall 200 — a type of fabric; 5 — thickness of a rubber facing (worker) in millimeters; M — a class of resistance of a tape to low temperatures; RB — a board with a rubber covering.

There are such kinds of tapes transport:

  • - 2. A type of a product of general purpose which works in the temperature range-40 - +70 °C;
  • - 2L. Especially easy option of a tape of general purpose. Works in the conditions of-28 - +62 °C;
  • - 2Sh. A type of a tape for mines which is characterized by resistance to burning;
  • - 2T1. The heatresistant tape capable to maintain high temperatures, up to 200 degrees;
  • - 2M. Tape steady against low temperatures. Well works in temperature conditions-58 - +62 degrees;
  • - 4P. The tape which is used in the food industry. It is suitable for work in the conditions from-27 to +62 degrees.
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